As a group, Warton Response Group, was responsible for installing three public access heart defibrillators in our Warton Village. We did this with the combined help and generous donations from our own villagers, Warton Churches ,Warton Crag WI, Warton Parish Council, Carnforth Rotary Club and Lancashire County Council. We are able to advise that our own Warton Parish Council has agreed to finance the supply and installation of a fourth unit in Millhead.  We will be using the under- used BT kiosk at the junction of Hazel Mount Drive  and Mill Lane. Throughout our involvement we have worked with Community Heart Beat Trust, a registered charity, who are a nationwide organisation that place the life saving defibrillators in villages such as ours.  The equipment is of the highest quality and we have a fully accountable checking system in place. Groups like us can only work on a “best endeavours principle”, we are not a replacement for the emergency services. Always, always ‘phone 999. The Ambulance Service have the unlock code for our yellow cabinets. Time is critical and the defibrillators could help to make a vital difference at a sudden heart attack event.

We are also grateful to Warton Village Hall for allowing us to use their web site -   If you view the site, on the left hand side of the home page on the main menu you will spot a link from us which will allow you to print off a personal copy of the equally important CPR  method during a set emergency drill called  DRS ABCD.  The methods shown and the combination of CPR and a defibrillator work hand in hand, giving vital time until the ambulance crew arrives with professional help.  We plan to hold CPR/defibrillator awareness sessions in Warton.   More details soon.  WRG are also involved in creating a Warton Emergency Plan. We are working with Warton Parish Council and Lancaster City Council. Again, we do not set out to replace the emergency services. Our role is to support the community at the time of a declared emergency. We have teamed up with Warton Village Hall on Back Lane and the WVH will be used as a “reception” and information centre. A public copy of the emergency plan will be made available on both on the web and locally.

If you feel like you may be of help to us at the WVH please drop me an email. Nobody is expected to sit by the ‘phone or run up and down Main Street, all we want is a list of people who are willing to help if need be.

Help us, to help you, to help yourself.                                               This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.