Carnforth Pet Care is a unique veterinary practice combining the best of modern technology with the greatest of care and compassion. We have created a friendly and informal environment in an ideal location with ample parking. We are situated on Greenlands Farm just North of Carnforth in Lancashire. We pride ourselves in providing the highest standards of care for your pet in a professional but welcoming practice.  

Unlike other veterinary practices that rush you in and out we will take time to talk to you about your pet’s problems and examine your pet thoroughly. In order to do this we allow a 30 minute slot for consultations with the vet.

Consultation price is £34.80

We offer the following services:

Pet Health Plan from £10 per month (cats and small dogs) to £15 per month for large dogs includes all the annual routine health care for your pet.

  • Effective flea and tick treatment that lasts 3 months (included 4 times a year)
  • Effective worming treatment (included 4 times a year)
  • Annual vaccination including kennel cough vaccination for dogs and leukaemia for cats
  • 10% off dental treatment and Hills Pet food
  • 20% off neutering
  • A health check with the vet


  • All routine surgeries can be performed at the practice (castrations, spays, tooth extractions)
  • Other surgeries including lump removals, stitching up wounds
  • Some orthopaedic procedures, other soft tissue surgeries (including thyroidectomy for cats, cherry eye, soft palate and nasal resection for brachycephalic breeds), tooth extractions

Blood samples

  • We are proud to own the most modern and reliable laboratory equipment
    • We can run blood samples with results within 15 minutes


  • We have a very high quality ultrasound machine and can do the following:
    • Pregnancy scans
    • Abdominal scans
    • Heart scans

Digital Xray Machine

  • For high quality images

High Quality Dental Machine

  • To perform scaling and polishing
  • Manual extraction of teeth


Puppy parties are fun and free for all our patients aged between 10 and 16 weeks old. We generally run these on Saturday mornings – please call and find out when our next one is.


 01524 805072

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