Hello folks,

Much back slapping and hearty cheers were heard in Millhead recently as our defib 4 was installed.  The equipment was funded by our Warton Parish Council and supplied and installed through a managed solution scheme with our partners  Community Heartbeat Trust. The new site is positioned within the adopted but redundant telephone kiosk at the junction of Hazelmount Drive and Mill Lane in Millhead.  As with our other sites, it is a public access,24/7 defibrillator of the highest order and is housed within a secure  cabinet. Not only does it “talk” to you with the methods but all our machines have an LCD display which will demonstrate the procedures. Full access to the possible life saving devices is only through the emergency 999 Ambulance service. They will give out the push button code to the cabinet lock.


Warton can be proud of its achievement in providing these four potentially life saving life saving pieces of equipment for public use.It will do no harm in reminding you of the importance of the all critical CPR method which has to be used in conjunction with a defib. By using both  CPR and the defib as instructed you are helping to provide the best possible survival chance for a person at a sudden cardiac arrest  (SCA)  event. You would be buying time until the arrival of a professional medical crew to take over. 


Defib 1.   On the external wall of St Oswald church hall, Main Street. LA5 9PJ.


Defib 2.   Within the bus shelter at the junction of Sand Lane and Mill Lane. LA5 9NW.


Defib 3.   On the external wall of the Methodist church, Borwick Lane. LA5 9QJ.


Defib 4.   Within the old telephone kiosk at the junction of Hazelmount Drive and Mill Lane, Millhead. LA5 9UX.


Remember, help us to help you to help yourself.




David Clough.







Click or tap here to download the defibrillator PDF poster (195kb)