Constitution for

Warton (Carnforth) Gardening Club 2020 - CONSTITUTION

Name:   The organisation shall be known as the Warton Gardening Club

Aims:     The Aims of the Organisation shall be:

  • To work with the residents of Warton Village and present a variety of popular garden related topics for paid members to enjoy
  • To promote gardening and related activities within the Village and provide topical gardening related information to all members using the Warton Village website (, the Parish Newsletter, Events and Meetings.
  • Membership
  • Annual membership of the Gardening Club on payment of £7 per person, which will last for 12 months commencing January 2020. Generous discounts may be obtained at a number of local garden centres on production of Membership cards.All members shall have the right to vote at the AGM.  
  • The Committee
  • A committee shall be elected to carry out the business of the Club. The Committee shall have a nominated Chair and Treasurer.
  • The committee shall meet at least four times a year plus the AGM. Minutes of committee meetings should be made available to all members on request.
  • The Committee may temporarily fill any Committee vacancy from its Committee members until the next General meeting of members when a formal election should take place.
  • Finance
  • All monies raised by or on behalf of the Club are to be used only to further the aims of the Club and its members.
  • All cheques issued from club funds must be countersigned by 2 Committee signatories (one of which must be the Treasurer).
  • The Treasurer will present an ‘annual statement of account’ at the AGM that will specify overall expenditure and income throughout the year.
  • The Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • There shall be an Annual General Meeting held every November at which the Committee will report on its work, proposals for the forthcoming year’s events and present an annual statement of account.
  • The AGM shall elect the officers and committee for a one year period.
  • The AGM shall introduce this constitution.
  • Quorum
  • No AGM meeting shall take place if less than 2 Committee members are present.
  • Committee meetings shall only take place if more than 4 Committee are present.
  • Changes to the Constitution
  • Any suggested changes to the constitution must be handed to the Chairperson 21 days before any AGM.
  • Changes to the constitution must be agreed and voted by at least two thirds of those present at the meeting.
  • Voting
  • Any member may make a proposal. In order for it to be voted on by other members it must be seconded by another.
  • Only members present at the meeting may vote.
  • In the event of an equal vote the Chair shall have the casting vote.It is always hoped to achieve consensus, but where a vote is needed it shall be recorded with a simple show of hands.In the event of DissolutionThe Club may only be dissolved at a Special General Meeting called expressly for that purpose. Such a meeting must be advertised 14 days beforehand. A proposal for dissolution shall only take effect if agreed by two thirds of the members present at the meeting. Any assets remaining, after all debts and liabilities have been settled, shall be applied towards charitable purposes as decided by the Committee at any dissolution meeting.  
  • Duties of Elected Officers and Committee Members
  • The Chairperson or, in his/her absence, a committee member shall conduct the meeting of the Club. The Chairperson shall be responsible for the convening of all meetings and the giving out of notices to members. She/He should ensure that a proper record is maintained of all meetings in the form of minutes and that an attendance record is maintained.
  • Any member or officer delegated to represent the Club shall act on the instructions of the Club and shall report back to the Committee or next General Meeting whichever is the sooner.
  • The Treasurer shall be responsible for the payment and recording of legitimate expenses and the keeping of financial records.

Membership is available from January at only £7 which includes entry to all meetings for the year and includes generous discounts at local garden centres. Alternatively, come along to a meeting for £3 to try it out. Membership cards can be purchased either at the Village Post Office or at any of the meetings that are usually held in the Village Hall. 

November makes me think of the smell of smoke from bonfires, treacle toffee and parkin, as well as the crunch of leaves underfoot, brisk winds, and shorter days. Outdoors it’s a month when we traditionally ‘put the garden to bed’. Protect any tender plants either by bringing them indoors, wrapping them with fleece, or moving them to a sheltered spot. I’ll be crowding my windowsills with succulents and pelargoniums who want a spot of dry shelter.
It’s time to make leaf mould from the fallen leaves ready to add some goodness back into the soil for next year. Fruit trees and soft fruit bushes can be planted so we can enjoy their sweet produce next year. I’ve had a really tasty bumper crop from my autumn raspberries this year which saw me making summer pudding from them well in to October (well it is my favourite). The hydrangeas will made great cut flowers right through the late autumn, and I’ll be bringing in evergreens and berries to brighten up the house in the coming weeks. The garden brings in a real harvest for us to enjoy indoors which is a real joy as the nights draw in and time spent outdoors is less.

As regular as clockwork, I’ve reached the stage in the year when I want to fit more plants in to my garden.   I’m hatching a plan to dig up more lawn to make more flowerbeds (again).   I’ve visited quite a few gardens new to me this year and am slowly adding ideas to a notebook I carry with me so I don’t forget the plants I’ve seen and want to add to my space. Even if it doesn’t happen just yet, I do love planning and gathering ideas.  In the garden I’ll be collecting seeds this month, sowing them and hoping for some new plants ready for next year.   Hellebores and astrantia are good candidates.   I want to try growing some ornamental grasses from seed too, and might have a go at taking root cuttings from the Japanese anemones this autumn as well.   Who knows if it will work but it’s worth a go.


Emma Parsons