Warton Cricket Club was founded in 1907 and for many years led a migratory existence moving from one farmers field to another within the village. Such fields included land at Cotestones and the field that Newcroft is built on. Eventually the club were allowed to use land owned by Earl Peel at the A6 end of Borwick Lane, so around 1950 Warton Cricket Club played it’s first game at The Hyning and has been there ever since.

Initially the facilities left a lot to be desired, and a trip to Warton by visiting teams was never at the top of their agendas. Over time facilities improved however, the size of the ground was increased, and a new pavilion was erected in the 1970’s, replacing a structure based on a hen hut design.

Nowadays Warton Cricket Club’s ground is respected throughout North Lancashire and Cumbria. Two senior teams are fielded and a junior section of under 11’s is to be run, starting on the first Saturday in May.

Club website      http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/wartoncricketclub

Hon Secretary:   Mrs C Partridge Tel 01524 735223   Hon Treasurer:  MH Dudfield